Pre-Employment Screening

Every organization has its own job conditions and environment and we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to pre-employment screening will not deliver optimum results. Our screening tests can be customized to match your requirements, if necessary, to help you make recruitment decisions with diligence.

Our screening solutions range from general health screening to drugs of abuse testing.

General Health Screening: An Overall View of Your Health

This screening solution comprises a battery of laboratory tests and a medical examination report that provides a detailed and objective analysis of an individual's critical health functions and provide you with an overall health profile of the individual under consideration. Pre-employement screening solution from Quest Diagnostics can help you streamline your hiring process with clear benefits, such as:

  • Our ability to service our clients in multiple locations across India
  • Complete case management solution: Right from scheduling appointment for the employee to report delivery to the employer.
  • Customized health screening solution based on the needs of your organisation.
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Pre-Employment Screening

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