Pharmaceutical Value Proposition

World-class Diagnostic Testing and Global Clinical Trials

Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials combines the capabilities of a world leader in diagnostic testing with experts dedicated to managing global clinical trials.

A truly global organization, Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials consists of more than 600 dedicated employees providing unsurpassed central laboratory services and testing for Phase II - IV clinical trials. With central laboratory facilities in the United States, United Kingdom and India, Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials operates a project management facility in Wavre, Belgium and affiliate relationships with laboratories in Singapore, Australia and China.

Our laboratories deliver unsurpassed customer service worldwide with our unrelenting bid for quality and performance improvements, bolstered with ongoing Six Sigma initiatives. As a result, you benefit from:

  • Support from world-renowned laboratories for esoteric testing at Nichols Institute in San Juan Capistrano, California and in Chantilly, Virginia, and for anatomic pathology in Teterboro, New Jersey
  • Quest Diagnostics Courier Network for specimen shipments in the United States
  • Web-based real-time data access tools (Result\View™)
  • A single global database

The Future of Clinical Diagnostics

As pharmacogenomics gains prominence as a research and clinical management tool for clinical trials, Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials maintains its position as one of the largest and most comprehensive pharmacogenetic-testing laboratories in the world.

The potential use of genotyping to specifically target subjects for clinical trials is expected to have an increasingly greater impact on enrollment strategies. As a result, many companies are incorporating pharmacogenomic testing into their clinical trial protocols.

These assays are intended to evaluate individual variations in whole-genome or candidate gene single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) maps, halotype markers and alterations in gene expression or inactivation that may be correlated with pharmacological function and therapeutic response. Quest Diagnostics offers unsurpassed pharmacogenomic-testing services and capabilities from both central laboratory facilities and from Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute.

Pharmacogenomic Capabilities

  • Wide range of genetic services performed in-house for optimal quality and efficiency
  • Sequencing analysis from tens of thousands of specimens used to develop datasets and data resources for product development and clinical management
  • A wide variety of SNP analysis methodologies
  • Assays such as CYP2D6, CYP2C19 and CYP2C9
  • Custom SNP analysis available for sponsor-specific targets
  • Platforms and technologies available for accurate detection of the spectrum of mutations encountered in either human or microbial genomes
  • Resistance-testing program that screens patients using sponsors' inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Innovative R&D capabilities that streamline the process of developing an assay or transferring a technology to our laboratory
  • Complete specimen archival and management for both short- and long-term storage
  • Dedicated, purpose-built Molecular Biology Laboratory:
    • DNA extraction using Gentra PUREGENE® technology
    • DNA quantization and quality control
    • PBMC separation for viable cells

Anatomic Pathology

A full range of Anatomic Pathology subspecialty expertise is available from Quest Diagnostics Clinical Trials. You gain access to unsurpassed in-house capabilities and some of the world's leading pathologists.

  • Full range of services
  • Routine testing and procedures
  • Specialized testing and procedures
  • Multiple specimen options
  • Expert staffing
  • Anatomic pathology

Quest Diagnostics Director of Anatomic Clinical Trials Receives The Papanicolaou Award

Ronald D. Luff, M.C., M. P. H. received a lifetime achievement honor, the 2006 Papanicolaou Award, from the American Society of Cytopatholoty (ASC) for achievements in cellular pathology and disease diagnosis. Presented annually to a physician or Ph.D. recognized by peers for excellence in research and contributions in the field of cytology, the Papanicolaou Award is the ASC's highest honor.

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